All Is Well

Clear Your Anxiety. Clear Doubt. Stay “Connected.” 

Live Your Life Purpose.

It Took Me Decades of Dedicated Spiritual Practice to Finally Get It that I could live mostly In the Flow, “Connected.” I Want to Show You How a Simple Attunment can Radically Change Your Life.

First of all, thank you. Thank you for the work you do on yourself, and for the way that you help others. The effects of our spiritual work are exponential, and together we are a growing force of energy and consciousness, anchoring more and more of the truth into our world.

Anxiety, as you may know, can be paralyzing. So can money issues, loneliness, or any profound sense of "lack." Anger can stop your heart, and grief can literally drown out your light. At the root of our negative experiences of life is fear, but there is much more to it. Getting to the real heart of the matter will keep you on the right track, living your life purpose.

True: There Are No Shortcuts.

False: All Paths Are Equal.

The Know That All Is Well Attunement Course was born out of the reality that my decades of dedicated spiritual study were incomplete in a very specific way: I had not found a simple and consistent way to express and sustain an ongoing, authentic connection to the divine "rightness" of my experience, whatever it happened to be. 

Put simply, I did not have a strong enough grounding in Ultimate Reality, or Oneness. And it seemed that the deeper I got into my healing, the more pronounced the cycles of expansion/contraction became. I will be honest-- sometimes the cure felt worse than the disease. 

The Basic Problem? We Are Conditioned to Believe in Separation. This Blocks Our Experience of What is True.

Yes, I learned to use my processing tools, meditation, yoga and prayer to work things through and eventually get back on track, very gratefully in fact, whenever difficult issues showed up in my life. But sustaining the positive flow (for real, not a "honey mask") was not happening for me at the level I knew was possible. I was missing something important.

Especially after experiencing extended periods of positive and pleasurable connection to truth, I came to believe that a stable and fuller experience of divine connection lies dormant within us, awaiting our ability to access it with a deeper and more complete sense of our undefended greater being. What had been missing from my life and my daily practice, I eventually realized, was a reliable method or practice for attuning my experience to the vibration and rhythms that were in step with ultimate reality, in tune with the grace of life’s benign nature.

This practice deepens my work in a way that is more than a physical fix, more than a mental understanding, and more than an emotional release—it brings me immediately to the place where I once again find myself in the spontaneous flow of truth.

As you know, the essential, ultimate reality is Oneness. The challenge for us is that we generally don't know how to orient ourselves to this immense richness of being. We engage in false or incomplete self-images, and we have an ingrained habit of looking outside of ourselves for what is true. We falsely believe that the "lack" we feel is due to outside or external forces. The Know That All is Well attunement works precisely because it cultivates the inner experience of ultimate reality, and gives us a steady orientation and measure of knowable, pleasurable truth. 

I want to share this breakthrough practice with you. It is not a mantra, an attitude, or some kind of complicated yogic thingy. It's not religion. It's not psychology. It's not religious, and it will not interfere with your beliefs or religious/spiritual practices--except to perhaps help clarify them for you. 

What is it, then? It's an attunement to the essential truth of life. It's true north. It's a way to keep yourself moving and growing, opening to deeper and deeper experiences of ultimate reality. It's a way to connect you with your Life Purpose, and keep you connected to it.

Will It Work for You?

Yes, I believe it will. And it may be exactly what you are looking for, even if you don't know that yet. That is what happened to me. For now, let me say that even if you don't know me from my books (The NonSense of NonDual, The Mind of God), we have probably travelled together on some of the same paths: yoga, meditation, psychotherapy, somatic therapy, advanced spiritual studies. If it's out there, there's a good chance I have looked into it. And I am extremely grateful for all of the modalities, teachers and teachings I have experienced. Despite what things may sometimes look like, we live in a Golden Age where access to spiritual truths and wisdom is abundant.

What is the Know That All Is Well Attunement Course?

Before I give you the overview, I want you to know that you can get the first mp3, The Practice, for free. It's about 14 minutes long, and it pretty much lays out the whole framework, including some basic instruction for doing the daily attunement, which takes less than 10 minutes. Just fill out any of the signup forms on this page to take the next step and get the mp3.

The rest of the course consists of 4 additonal mp3s. #2 is a Guided Attunement that goes through the full attunement practice in a more comprehensive way, including supplemental material that will help you understand why the full attunement is set up like it is. This will help you have a deeper experience and may also help you personalize the attunement if you'd like. I have included a PDF of the full attunement that you can use until you have it memorized, which won't take long. #3 is Know That All Is Well in Relationship, #4 is Know That All Is Well in Health, and #5 is Know That All Is Well - Your Life Purpose

To make this easy for you to try out, I want to give you the first mp3 for free. If you do decide to buy the full course, there is an introductory price that you will be to take advantage of. It's very affordable, as you'll see. That's because I want to get this into as many hands as possible. It's simple, direct, and very powerful.  

Thank you so much for your time reading this. Please take me up on my offer for the free mp3. I truly believe that it will be a positive experience for you. -- Liam Quirk, author, Pathwork Teacher, fellow spiritual explorer.

P.S. I definitely want to keep in touch about your experience with the Know That All Is Well attunement, so give it a try and then let me know. Thank you.